In case you haven’t already visited the About me page, I’ll quickly introduce myself. My name is Daniel Root, but I’ve also been called the Pragmatic Prepper and use the avatar handle Tublave. My goals with this blog are simply to enlighten, educate, and interest you in the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why we, the population of Earth, are being polluted with toxins.

My blog posts will attempt to explain what kinds of toxic chemicals we’re bio-accumulating, how we’re exposed to them, what harmful effects they cause, when to worry, and even why we can’t rely on politicians, regulatory agencies, corporations or governments to care about our wellbeing. I will provide links to my source documents, and I constantly update my Resources page.

But most importantly, I want to share with you ways to reduce, or even undo, the damage caused by the poisoning of us “useless eaters” (as the globalist, eugenics-obsessed elites refer to you and me).

You see my Father, David E. Root, M.D., M.P.H., is a pioneer and leading expert on human detoxification of fat-soluble toxins, and I am involved with developing his proprietary detoxification protocols, which have been perfected over 35 years, into a licensing opportunity for Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Physical Therapists.

My research for a book I’m writing called Don’t Just Detox, Get Detoxinated! has led me down many rabbit holes and revealed a lot of truths that contributed to the launching of my Pragmatic Mindset website and YouTube channel. I’ve been “awake & aware” for many years (in fact, since St. Patrick’s Day, 1980), but the Internet has provided insights, as well as more questions, to fuel my detoxification passion.

I hope you will subscribe to and share this blog, and if you wish to add to the conversation, please leave your comments!