A Piece of My Mindset

I know, I know… you’re probably asking yourself why I used such oxymoronic alliteration in my blog title, right? After all, “Pragmatic” means dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. Whereas, according to dictionary.com, “Prattle” is to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way; chatter; babble.

Well, my friends, it is merely to validate my humorous side now, because some of the material I plan to present is far more serious than anyone wants to believe. So, if you choose not to accept any of my simple-minded, babbling posts then you can dismiss them as prattling.

But don’t think me foolish.

I have been, for the last 3 years, researching as many topical angles as I can for my book on detoxification. Much of that time was spent diving down rabbit holes that had no foreseeable immediate return on time investment; however, bit by bit things came together like a connect-the-dots tapestry. As the truths pieced themselves together before my YouTubed, Googley eyes, a clear — or dare I say, “transparent” picture of deception and horror developed.

This research has altered my mindset regarding politics, authority, mainstream media, and medicine. You won’t find within my posts any left/right or liberal/conservative bias; that ship, christened
Agenda 21, has sailed.

To detach myself emotionally from this work, I began to rate my own acceptance of each factoid by the number of trusted sources in agreement. Now, when I stumble upon a more compelling argument in opposition to my current thinking, I re-rate my belief percentage accordingly. The sourced material that reaches the 90 percentile range is categorized and linked on my Resources page. Should anything drop below that number, I remove it.

This is where you come in. Your comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged! Provide facts and links to support your arguments. A healthy discussion will improve this blog and keep it lively!

My research is ongoing, and this blog is my intellectual outlet.  I began waking up in 1980 after I was pronounced dead by the school “authorities” who acted on misinformation regarding our St. Patrick’s day gear-up landing in Shreveport, Louisiana.  A lot of classmates and teachers were affected by the news, and it caused me to consider more deeply the power of communication and the motives of the messengers.

It is with this understanding that I no longer believe the controlled mainstream media or watch their mind-consuming, dumbed-down, shiny distraction called Television.

Instead, I research, learn, document, and now blog!

I will be, by nature of the beast, using bigger words than when I speak, therefore I will link, as needed, the definition to any word that may be questionable.

Also, a lot of what gets posted here will make it into my book, Don’t Just Detox, Get Detoxinated!℠. 

So, now that we have that out of the way, buckle up…. it’s time to go have tea with Alice down in Wonderland!


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