Trust, but Question Everything

I will address two points with this article: 1) to show how I validate content on my Resources page, and 2) to examine a rabbit hole that I consider tame compared to future posts.  Namely, did Stanley Kubrick set the stage for the Apollo moon landings in the 2001: A Space Odyssey London studio? Put differently, did he practice his craft with 2001 in order to film ‘Plan B’ moon scenes for NASA?

This topic has intrigued me for many years.  I first took notice of the possible moon landing hoaxes after enduring the 1977 movie, Capricorn One,  about 3 naïve astronauts and all us sheeple deceived by NASA into believing their mission would take them to Mars.

Ever since then, the notion that the Van Allen radiation belts prevent us from ever progressing beyond a low-earth orbit has gnawed at my belief factor regarding Apollo moon landings.  A recent expose with an easily dismissible name, The Moon landings—-You what?, from a Flat-Earth group (no, I’m not going there!) called 2outoflove was impressive.  Not only did they deliver a convincing argument about radiation barriers, they also provided hard evidence of artificial lighting casting unnatural shadows in lunar photographs.

It reminded me of another video I’d consumed with my lunch many months prior that pinned Stanley Kubrick as the six-time moon landing hoax director.  He’d shoot 2001 moon scenes by day, then allegedly worked with NASA Apollo scientist Frederick Ordway to shoot fake moon landing scenes by night.

Recently, as YouTube is apt to do, I was presented with a fine selection of videos based on my catalogued interests — one of which was a death-bed genre Stanley Kubrick confession recorded by some incredibly lucky journalist (Kubrick almost never gave interviews) where he admits to the hoaxing.  The video is compelling; … in fact, spend a few minutes to see what I mean by clicking here.

As good as the delivery was, I just couldn’t match his voice or facial characteristics with available photos and videos of Mr. Kubrick from around the same period as the interview.  A quick search produced a False result, and a scan of my trusted sources, such as James Corbett ( and About Urban Legends (, produced nothing to validate the interview.

Then I found that the interview was filmed two months after Kubrick’s death!  This could have simply been a typo, but what sealed the deal for me was uncovering a second interview (cued to an excellent example) where Tom, the actor, is prompted several times on what to say as well as how to properly wear his glasses to more resemble the real Stanley Kubrick!

This case study demonstrates the mind manipulating power wielded by disintelligence agents against an innocent and trusting audience.  For me, as one who has logged too many hours peeling back the layers of globalist-elite deceit and propaganda from the C.F.R., U.N. and Trilateral Commission, this interview hoax illustrated the Reagan philosophy of “trust, but verify”.  In other words, delve into research with an open mind and absorb the details; but when conspiracy rears its multiple heads, don’t react with conditioned disdain. Remember that America was founded by conspiracy.

It also shines a veracious light on the dark agenda promulgated as news, history, and science by an increasingly concentrated group of corporate and government media outlets controlled by an aristocracy belonging to the same New-World-Order-driving secret societies, NGOs, and governing bodies.

(…breathe in…)

Although I still suspect a bit of staging occurred during Apollo missions, I do believe men — and women — have been to the moon.  And Mars.  Since the ’60s.  And continue to do so with the black project, electrogravitic TR-3B (example filmed by me) , or variants, partially funded by the missing 2.3 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld spoke of the day before 9/11.  Why else scrap the solid rocket booster-powered Space Shuttle program and end our apparent dominance of space?

Conceptual Illustration of TR-3B
Conceptual Illustration of TR-3B

And before you call me crazy, did you know Hitler had flying saucers, called Foo Fighters by allied pilots, which could have dramatically changed the outcome of WWII if he had just a little more time?

Haunebu II viewed from copilots window
Haunebu II photographed out passenger window

The Haunebu saucers and the triangular TR-3B are perhaps the most reported U.F.O.s to this day. These craft repel earth’s gravity presumably via the Biefeld–Brown electrogravitic effect that provides propulsion and reduces their weight by 89%.

The TR-3B is part of our secret space program, but you may be asking who is behind the controls of the Haunebu spacecraft.  I submit to you that the Nazis were not defeated out of existence in 1945.  Some relocated to South America and Antarctica (including, some believe, Hitler) while others, such as Dr. Wernher von Braun, were brought to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip after the war to develop the NASA Space Program.

In fact, the infamous Roswell U.F.O. crash (and cover-up) in 1947 and sudden surge of flying saucer sightings occurred right after the Paperclip Nazi scientists began recreating and testing their Haunebu and flying wing technologies for the U.S. military.

This is a fascinating topic that has been well researched and documented.  The Internet is full of articles, photographs and videos on the electrogravitic spacecraft that are worth checking out, but none of the available information comes from our military or government.  We are not privy to secret knowledge that could replace fossil fuels with free energy or that could undermine the banksters hold over our financial condition.

I urge you to question everything and connect the dots yourself.  In the case of space travel, U.F.O.s and aliens, a decades old cover-up has produced a lucrative industry for U.F.O. experts, collectors and disinformation artists alike.  And when the latest globalist-manufactured crisis has run its course, watch out for the Operation Northwoods-style false flag alien invasion using this amazing technology. What better way to convince the uninformed populace that we must come together under a one-world government, one-world currency, one-world religion, and one-world language to combat this manufactured threat to our planet?

This article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface;  the Big Picture is much bigger than you may realize. But having broader knowledge of the evil that exits in the global halls of power will give you a better understanding of the role toxins, such as pesticides/herbicides, GMOs, thimerosal-laced vaccines, Geoengineering, fluoride, and other chemicals, play in dumbing down, sickening,  and reducing the population of Earth.

But that is for future posts.

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