After 11 years failing to conceive naturally and a disappointing period with fertility treatments, my wife Suzy and I decided to investigate adoption.  Suzy chronicled our journey hoping to share the experience with our future children; however, after awhile it became apparent that our story may serve other readers as well.

A neighbor told us about Sierra Adoption Services, and after a little research, we became clients.   In a matter of a few months, we were trained, foster certified, and our home-study was completed.

Next we were introduced to the social workers who would guide us through the fost-adoption system.  The entire process proved Sierra’s team was highly skilled and well trained in their mission of helping to build "Forever Families" for kids in foster care.

We attended several Sierra hosted events and were shown pictures in binders to help us decide on the right match. We originally thought we only wanted the proverbial blonde haired, blue eyed, baby girl; however, once we saw this picture, the more open we were to a "sibling group":

I'll always remember the day we were introduced to Jasmine, who would soon become our first fost-adopt child. We were advised that Jasmine was very shy, so we shouldn't expect her to interact with us. She had a Dalmation Beanie Baby in her hand while sitting on her social worker's lap. When she dropped it on the floor, I quickly picked it up and handed it to her. Then she dropped it again a few minutes later and gave me the most adorable sly grin as I picked it up for her once again. We had bonded that quickly, and to this day, I still have that Beanie Baby on my desk after she out-grew it!

Meeting her biological, younger sister Mikayla was our next amazing adventure! Sixteen month old Mikayla was a tiny bundle with the longest hair (and even longer bangs)! Apparently, foster caregivers aren't allowed to cut the hair of their wards by law!

Meeting Mikayla at her foster home

Both Suzy and I were thrilled that Sierra had picked these two for us to meet, and we both knew that we had found the right children to love and raise as our own.

Once the ink was dry on the adoption papers, the new Root clan settled into our first three years of family life.


I read Suzy's "A Journey to Parenthood" and just loved it! She described a lot of the same feelings that I have...

I myself do not have children and am unable to have children. I am single and I would love to bring a child into my life.

Thank you for sharing; it was really refreshing to read your journal!

Shari Trejo

A Journey To

by Suzy Root

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Jasmine's Beanie Baby

Adoption Day 2003

And then, after returning from a family reunion at Myrtle Beach in 2005, we learned that a 2-month old biological sister had been placed into the foster system and was available for adoption. 

As before, Sierra got us certified and able to bring our new baby girl home expeditiously!



Suzy produced the photo show of the 25th Anniversary Reunion Picnic held October, 2008.

Click to watch the show!

Jennifer Steele interviews Sara Hanson of Sierra Adoption Services and me on Mix96

Suzy and I became advocates for Sierra Adoption Services and volunteered our time whenever we could.  We were invited to be the Guest Family speakers at many donor events and fost-adopt training classes.

In 2007, we sponsored a Phoneraiser cell phone drive that generated $1,218 in just two months!

October 2007 Presentation of Phoneraiser proceeds of $1,218 to Co-Executive Directors Bob Herne and Kim Rhinehelder by Suzy, Amanda and Dan Root

Adoption Day 2006

With the help of our family friend, Commander Bill Eveland, we produced a Phoneraiser Public Service Announcement intended to air on News Talk 1530 KFBK, but we were turned down by the new owners. 

It was Kitty O’Neal who came to our rescue with the idea to call Commander Bill to do a live interview, and KFBK listeners were joyfully reunited with their former “Eye In The Sky” traffic reporter after five long years!   What a tear-jerker moment that was?!


Guest Family speakers at the SAS 25th Anniversary Celebration held at the Aerospace Museum 5/2008


Sacramento Bee article 12/4/2008

The Phoneraiser evolved into a year-round fund raising event that generated another $10,500 — many thanks to the Raley's Family of Fine Stores for their matching donation!

These combined effors earned us the Champions For Adoption award!

Champions For Adoption Award

Dan with Kitty O'Neal


In addition to the Guest Family events, we made several appearances on Donna Cordova’s “A Place Called Home” segment of the 10 O’clock News on Fox 40 to extol the virtues of adoption.

Donna Cordova and her cameraman with Suzy and I after filming a
Fox 40 segment for "A Place Called Home"


Our family’s group photo, which was taken at Disneyland right after the second adoption, was published in Prosper Magazine, The Sacramento Business Journal, and in the Sierra Adoption Services newsletter and donor materials.


And, when I met the President of the Board of Directors, Chuck Horton, at the Gail Johnson celebration banquet, he recognized me as the Sierra Adoption Services “Poster Family” guy!



Apparently all our volunteer work, adoption exepriences, and my 25 years in the I.T. industry got the attention of the Sierra Adoption Services Board of Directors.

In April 2008, I was honored to be voted onto the S.A.S. Board, and served on the Fund Development Committee helping to further the mission of our cause.

While serving on the Board, I was proud to be a part of the transition from Sierra Adoption Services to Sierra Forever Families. The name change better reflects the full scope of their wonderful services!

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All the best!

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